Correspondence and memoranda regarding the volcanic activity and eruption of Mt. St. Helens

Memo on Mount St. Helens Eruption, 1980

Staff in Governor Atiyeh's office communicated with other staff members by issuing memoranda. Daily memos, cabinet notes and news about current issues and meetings were shared through these documents. They reveal much about what Governor Atiyeh's office was doing during his two terms. Many of the memos below were created by Gerry Thompson, his chief-of-staff.

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Memos scanned & described by Kristen Tamagawa, 2019

Date Topics
Feb 1, 1979 Vacancies in the executive, board, and commission appointments sent to Republican members of the Oregon House of Representatives.
May 25, 1979 Executive appointments that need to be made by Governor Atiyeh's administration before years-end.
Dec 5, 1979 Response from Denny Miles to Pat Amedeo's memo regarding the Atiyeh administration after one year.
Dec 11, 1979 End of year memo on legislation, extradition, and nerve gas concerns covered during Atiyeh's first year in office.
Dec 17, 1979 Memo from Pat Amedeo to Denny Miles, Lee Johnson, Larry Sturholm, and Governor Atiyeh regarding issues covered during the first year of the Atiyeh administration.
Dec 21, 1979 End of year report from Jim Russell sent to Atiyeh, Denny Miles, and Larry Sturholm regarding worker's compensation, transportation, and economic development.
Jun 28, 1980 Correspondence and memoranda on volcanic activity and eruption of Mt. St. Helens including the signed declaration of a state of disaster by Atiyeh.
Jul 11, 1980 Memo from R.K. Procunier regarding a plan to reduce inmate population at Oregon correctional institutions by placing inmates in a supervised forestry camp.
Sep 11, 1980 Memo from R.J. Watson, Administrator of Corrections, on the estimated impact of the change of the calculation of the history/risk score of prison inmates.
Jan 27, 1981 Memo from David G. Talbot sent to Atiyeh updating him on the Pioneer Square project in downtown Portland.
Jun 17, 1981 Memo from Lee Johnson sent to Atiyeh regarding his conclusions after reading the court's opinion in the case of Rhodes v. Chapman.
Oct 3, 1981 Oregonian press; the timber strategy panel; Jean Smith's AM Northwest appearance; and budgeting financial cuts in the refugee program
Oct 5, 1981 Handicapped Awards luncheon; the Emergency Board and impacts on the general fund; a fact-finding project related to the Teamsters; and the dedication of the Revenue Building
Oct 6, 1981 Press release on Anwar Sadat statement; the Department of Justice accompanying Governor; and announcements updates that have been received from plus office manager and back office staff
Oct 6, 1981 Education system in Oregon; budgeting, economic development, and politically defined roles; concerns about future opposition to vocational rehabilitation layoffs.
Oct 7, 1981 ADC rules affecting media time; attempt to block Bill Fast's appointment; alternative approaches to the court reform bill; and the Portland General Electric (PGE) refusing to contribute to the Washington Public Power Supply System (WPPSS) Mothball fund.
Oct 10, 1981 Senior Services Division legislation; Penwell v. Washington case; the Gresham Hospital construction; Estacada claims and unemployment; and Naturopathic Physicians Schools granting commission (i.e. Portland and Salem).
Oct 12, 1981 Small Business Council filing public employee strike petition with Secretary of State; a draft Board of Parole letter; the Labor Press covering Employment Division strike; and Wes Sullivan leaking information at the Statesman-Journal.
Oct 13, 1981 Highway improvement program; Oregon's criminal justice statistical reporting; Community Services Administration regional and national office closure; foreign insurance carrier premium issue and prison overcrowding issue; and the City of Lake Oswego filing suit for handicapped children.
Oct 14, 1981 Diana Evans as candidate for District 31; the Albina Human Resources Center funding; Wah Chang and Admiral dePoix; Veterans' Day prize is eligible for students of all Linn County schools; Marv Saxton as Governor's Listening Post in Linn County; and the Oregon Independent College Association.
Oct 16, 1981 Eugene Register-Guard secrecy to news media; Emergency Board requests; President's "E" Award from Secretary of Commerce department; the Department of Land Conservation and Development (LCDC); and Forum 50 meetings.
Oct 19, 1981 Appointment with the Chief Justice; the Insurance Commissioner selection panel; candidates for Judicial Committee; Portland Metro Health liquidating employees; black community declaring Project Affirmation date; Forum 50 and benefit to Betty Maudlin.
Oct 20, 1981 Pressure to override veto on State Fire Commission HB 3260; the Ethics Commission; and allegations from the Governor's Integrity Assurance Board.
Oct 20, 1981 Financial disputes between Health and Human services; community placement for children to reduce custody in Hillcrest and McLaren area; hospital funding in Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas areas; award for Workers Comp Department; and the Administrative Law Conference revising Model Rules of Administrative Procedure, Open Meetings, and Records Manual.
Oct 23, 1981 Willamette Valley Express; the Traffic Safety Commission; the Integrity Assurance Board; State Fair horse regulations; revised fiscal impact figures for state financing of courts; and a Chevron Fund compiled by budget analyst Robert Joerger.
Oct 26, 1981 Jean Smith's press release on AM Northwest, KATU TV; Al Juisti Wine and the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC); interviews with Richard Ladd and Bob Ziegen to Senior Services Division; nursing home complaints issued by Health Division, AFS, and Nursing Home Ombudsman.
Oct 28, 1981 Jean Smith's press release on AM Northwest, KATU TV; the Fire Standards and Accreditation Board; House Bill 2048 and 5018 affecting Salem Transit District; and the Compensation Department on Workers' Compensation issues.
Nov 3, 1981 Memo from John D. Groupe to Atiyeh with attached analysis from the Economic Development Department on the health of Oregon's economy.
Nov 17, 1981 This report advises collaboration with Denny Smith to address the Reagan Administration and to develop a formal plan for Alumax.
Nov 19, 1981 Salem's transit fund issue; Senator Hatfield awarded at Oregon's Department of Economic Development; an audit report for the State Fair; and Laura Smith as judge of District Court in Lane County.
Nov 30 - Dec 8, 1981 Roseburg-Grants Pass-White company and Guyette and Associates firm; Tongue Point and Port of Astoria; Integrity Assurance Board and Oregon State Correctional Institution (OSCI); Bonneville Power Administration (BPA); LCDC Director candidates and Board of Parole; No on Port Expansion (NOPE); Economic Development Department; Ellen Schneider maintaining Mayor position; allegations against Karen Roach; Governor meeting in Honolulu; rumor of Reagan running against Governor Atiyeh; Unemployment Insurance (UI) and Employment Division office closures; the Board of Medical Examiners; the Illahe Country Club and the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC).
Dec 2, 1981 Flooding in Tillamook; cigarette and property tax complaints; the General Services Administration and the State Management Association; the Columbia Park Hospital; the Housing Division revenue bond sale; Consumer Product Safety; Real Estate Division staff layoffs; Builders' Board bonds; and gasoline policy change.
Dec 8, 1981 Bonds Steering Committee and Donna Zojonc, tentative working chairman and campaigner.
Dec 9, 1981 Memo from Shirley Woodrow to Atiyeh on year-end statistics of the governor's office. This data was used for Atiyeh's re-election campaign.
Dec 10-11, 1981 Alan Holmer from the Intergovernmental Relations Department; PESIC Executive Department cuts; the Department of Land Conservation and Development (LCDC) recruiting committee; common school funds potential for loan backing or expanding Oregon budgets; and a list of LCDC concerns that were addressed during a meeting run by Vern Meyer.
Dec 15, 1981 A memo prepared by Betty Atteberry on the Executive Committee meeting held on Tuesday, December 15, 1981. Topics addressed during this meeting included: Don Clark; fundraising meeting with the Timber Industry in Eugene; attachments of campaign plan by Sharon Page and budget by Roy Livermore.
Dec 16, 1981 Recommendation to appoint Betty Roberts; a US Attorney appointment between Rutherford and Turner about the Reagan administration; the Ambassador Apartment initial offer deal; and a non-profit group inquiring purchase of channel 3 OEBPS.
Dec 16, 1981 Arts Commission budget review, budget proposal, and staff cuts; Angus Randolph, overseer of community networking for the Arts Commission, is listed as a dispensable employee.
Dec 22, 1981 Veterans' Day banquet; the Linn County Draft Board appointee; the American Legislative Exchange council and Oregon's treasury funds; Reagan and Intergovernmental Affairs; and the Korean Golf Club tournament.
Jan 5-6, 1982 Educational Coordinating Council; Kyle Industries on the economic recovery act; the Regional Power Council; educational funds through the Land Board; and the Attorney General on premium tax.
Jan 6, 1982 Coos Bay as a projected disaster area; the Senate Task Force regulating veteran property procedures and foreclosures; a 1981 traffic fatality report; Jane Huston signing the first solar code in the nation; DHR to improve cheese distribution; and a press conference for Senator Packwood in Klamath Falls.
Jan 7, 1982 Subcommittee 1 of Ways & Means and office budget; a reduction in Services & Supplies; under filling Assistant to Gov. Research position; reducing in-state travel; and presenting the remodeling project as a renovation project.
Jan 7, 1982 Alan Hampton's request to join the council given his past experience with the Regional Power Council and the Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council (EFSEC).
Jan 13, 1982 Court of Appeals taxing Portland General Electric (PGE) property; the Department of Revenue; postponing the 1982 state telephone directory publication; the Judson Bible College; and the Oregon Health Sciences University in West Hills area.
Feb 9, 1982 DHR management cuts; the Department of Education early retirement; the Developmental Disability Council project; DVR efforts to assist handicapped and special need employees; the Department of Justice and publication of the Administrative Procedure Act; Salem Methodist Home certificate denial; and the Highway Division recovering after General Fund budget cuts.
Feb 11, 1982 Options For Early Retirement (OFER) plan including: retirement factors, limitations, examples, health insurance costs, a letter of intent, and an application form. The intent of this report is to lay out the advantages and disadvantages of early retirement.
Feb 17, 1982 Flooding at Vail and Baker; the Oregon National Guard Infantry Company on standby; an increase in property tax ratio; the Emergency Board staffs Governor's DUI task force; threatening calls, case of sexual harassment, and physical violence as occupational hazard to public officers and employers.
Feb 19, 1982 Atiyeh Campaign Operation Grass Roots Organization; Sergeant Lon Holbrook; Advertising by Pihas, Schmidt, Westerdahl Company (PSW); and Ron Schmidt, Tom McCall's Administrative Assistant and Executive Administrator. This is one document from a binder containing selected daily reports to the Governor, which was compiled by Gerry Thompson.
Feb 24, 1982 Energy Facility Siting Council (EFSC) upcoming resignations and concern about replacing positions with qualified candidates: Phil Schneider, Ned Clark, Mary Ellen Marmaduke, Dr. Grace Phinney, and Jack Frost.
Feb 24, 1982 Dorchester Conference; press release and advertisement updates; separation from Reaganomics; campaign on Economic Development; and the Economic Recovery Program.
Feb 28, 1982 A public upheaval in the form of five letters addressing Warren Hearle's insensitivity at an appointment. Jane Huston is in charge of meeting with the unhappy parties to provide reassurance.
Feb 28, 1982 The selection of Frank Chown and Laura Parrish as the appointees to the Energy Facility Siting Council (EFSC).
Mar 2, 1982 Higher Education Budget and the State System of Higher Education employees; OSCI and OSP inmate problems; the Law Enforcement Council; and funding to accommodate single employable citizens.
Mar 2, 1982 Ronald Reagan 1980; Statesman-Journal; Dwight Eisenhower; Republican party races in Idaho, Indiana, Wisconsin, New York, Arizona; Senatorial elections; and 1981 Republican Almanac figures.
Mar 2, 1982 Memo from Bob Smith and Darrell Ralls on the costs of workers compensation given to state employees and the benefits of self-insurance.
Mar 2, 1982 Memo regarding state workers' compensation costs. Topics addressed include: Executive Department on the State Workers Compensation; General Services Risk Management Division; and SAIF.
Mar 5, 1982 Memorandum from Mark J. Greenfield to Henry R. Richmond on: Wasco County Court's ruling approving the petition that would incorporate the city of Rajneeshpuram; County Judge Richard Cantrell and the Rajneesh; the 1000 Friends of Oregon; and Judge Cantrell.
Mar 9, 1982 Laura Parrish being appointed to Energy Facility Siting Council (EFSC)
Mar 9, 1982 William Brady's attendance to staff and officer manager meetings and the relocation of the State Medical Examiner office to the Oregon Health Sciences University, the Department of State Police, or the State Board of Medical Examiners.
Mar 10, 1982 Jim Habberstad, attorney for Judge Cantrell, and his outrage with Henry Richmond's actions on an investigation. Allegations concerning cattle sale are being made against Cantrell's client after being vindicated by the Ethics Commission.
Mar 10, 1982 Representatives of the five congressional districts in Oregon and Fred Miller, Director under the Department of Transportation.
Mar 12, 1982 Memo from Bob Smith sent to Atiyeh on the nomination of the Productivity Unit Award includes attached accomplishments of the Department of General Services.
Mar 16, 1982 The State Medical Examiner's Office be relocated to the State Board of Medical Examiners location.
Mar 16, 1982 Three potential candidates (Darrell Garretson, Wayne Harrison, and Cliff Ross) for a pending appointment with District Judge, McMinnville.
Mar 17, 1982 Legislative Assembly referring Lon Holbrook or a State Police offer to accompany Gov. Atiyeh; appropriate transportation for Gov. Atiyeh; and issues on Gov. Atiyeh's safety in public areas.
Mar 17, 1982 Mount St. Helen as a potential threat to Tillamook County; report on February's financial delinquencies; a manufacturing amphetamines and hard drug bust in Eugene; and the Oregon Guard recruiting and retention system.
Mar 17, 1982 Management judgements concerning Dean Smith, OLCC, Sheraton Inn, and Bernice Johnson; Conclusions and recommendations by Bob Oliver included a written letter and having an Executive Department Management Analyst.
Mar 17, 1982 A memo from Glenna Hayden on: Barbara Bailey; Wasco County Planning Commission; Rajneesh; Antelope people, and Wasco County planners.
Mar 19, 1982 Refugee Program Changes affecting Oregon, Washington, and Florida; National Office of Refugee Resettlement; Senator Hatfield; Crisis Planning committees; and AFS Branch Manager.
Mar 23, 1982 Memo to Bob Oliver on a meeting at The Dalles relating to the Rajneesh. Topics included: Judge Richard Cantrell; Virgil Ellett; Jim Comini; Jim Larkin; the city of Antelope; John Sheffner; and the Rajneesh July festival.
Mar 31, 1982 Juvenile court judge lowering jurisdiction age; food stamp increase; an ongoing survey about voting on bond measures; refugee regulations effective April 1; labor and sawmill uprisings; the Sheep Commission and Warm Springs Indians for the Pelton Dam; and a Western Region Coordination meeting.
Mar 31, 1982 Food and Drug Administration (FDA) examining the effect of gypsy moths on salmon canneries; a chemical spill in Clatsop County forestry; the Emergency Board and Forestry Department; a shortened fish quota may result in less Coho salmon; the Columbia River Hatchery financial overstatement and the closure of hatcheries on the Columbia River.
Apr 1, 1982 A memo prepared by Gerry Thompson reporting a conversation from Dean Pape to Governor Atiyeh on April 1, 1982. This report concerns an interest in Rajneesh that is sparking a campaign
Apr 1, 1982 A memo to Henry Richmond that addressed: the 1000 Friends of Oregon; Rick Cantrell; Rajneesh; investigation involving the Attorney General; and the Oregon Ethics Commission.
Apr 6, 1982 Health Department in Multnomah County requiring immunization; employment compromise funding for eastern states; United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) assistance in cheese distribution; tourism development workshops; hospital trends in 1981 and alcohol treatment programs.
Apr 12, 1982 A memo from Kathleen Harbaugh to Paul Phillips and Bob Oliver that addressed: John Mathis; Rajneeshpuram and Antelope; festival in Rajneeshpuram; and Wasco County.
Apr 29, 1982 A memo to Gerry Thompson from Bob Oliver that addressed: Rajneesh with residents of Antelope; Jefferson County district attorney Mike Sullivan and Bob Davis; and district attorney for The Dalles and Antelope.
May 6, 1982 Vet's Loan Program; Ted Kulongoski (TK) on OEA, Labor, Jewish Communities, ACLU; Three Mile Island cleanup; and highlighting Gov. Atiyeh's impact in business, gun control and minority groups.
May 6, 1982 A memo from Bob Oliver to Gerry Thompson that addressed: Henry Richmond; Bob Stacey; anti-Rajneesh group; 1000 Friends of Oregon; Bill Young; and Rajneesh Foundation Festival permit.
May 11, 1982 Bill Dawkins as the new campaign coordinator to replace Sharon Page; production cost for TV commercials and research for further advertisement; C&E Reporting; Paul Newman assisting in the campaign; and the Welcome to Oregon sign.
May 11, 1982 Medical management information system for Marion County implemented by AFS; new 1981 legislation rules; a pending bill for the maintenance of justice statistics; the Highway Division faculty housing issues; and the American College of Naturopathic Medicine graduate students.
May 11, 1982 A memo from Bob Oliver that addressed: the Festival of Enlightenment at Big Muddy Ranch by the Rajneesh; the Health Division; Military Department; Department of Transportation; Executive Department; Oregon State Police; and the Department of Environmental Quality.
May 17, 1982 Memo from Archie M. Mustard to Harvey L. Latham that addressed potential flash floods at the Rajneeshpuram community during the festival that had been planned.
May 17, 1982 A memo from Bob Oliver addressing: the Rajneesh festival to be held on July 3-7, 1982; Oregon State Police; Military department; Health Division; Oregon Department of Environmental Quality; Fire Marshall; State Health Planning and Development Agency; and the department of Transportation and Intergovernmental Relations.
May 18, 1982 A memo prepared by Bob Oliver, Legal Counsel, reporting to Governor Atiyeh on May 18, 1982. This report includes procedures for the Governor and the State Police when defendants are responsive and when they are not responsive to arrest protocol.
May 19, 1982 A memo from Bob Oliver on an update of the latest in the situation with the Rajneesh. In the letter Oliver communicates the winning verdict in the vote to incorporate Rajneeshpuram.
May 25, 1982 Primary production costs; Lee Johnson and Denny Miles involvement in campaign, in-depth probe survey; Ted Kulongoski vs Packwood race; Ford visit; Executive Committee retreat at Gearhart; Paul Newman; position papers and a media campaign with the Tourism and Economic Development money.
May 25, 1982 Memo to Robert G. Davis from Bob Oliver that addressed emergency actions and contacts for the July 1982 Festival in Rajneeshpuram.
Jun 7, 1982 Memo from Bob Oliver on the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh's driver's license. Other topics included: Ms. Doan; Motor Vehicles Divisions employee; Captain Brickeen and the Police Department.
Jun 15, 1982 Memo to Bob Olive from Kristine Gebbie on the water supply for the community of Rajneeshpuram. Topics included: Engineering plans submission; statewide planning goals and land use regulations.
Jun 17, 1982 Inter-office memo to Kristine Gebbie from Bob Oliver that addressed: Bill Bellamy; Rajneesh community; and a crematorium at Big Muddy Ranch.
Jun 23, 1982 US Forest Service, U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and the Oregon Department of Geology and Minerals Industries (DOGAMI); Teamsters approved Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) employees work hours; the State Police and punitive damages.
Jun 25, 1982 Federal bureaucracy on environmental laws and economic development, the Emergency Board, the Gorge Commission on the Hood River Bridge, and a C&E report violation.
Jun 25, 1982 Lawsuit on the Common School Fund Lands with the Department of Forestry that was notified by the International Paper.
Jun 28, 1982 Dispute between Norma Paulus, Dave Frohnmayer, Pat Amedeo in January 1982; Board of Forestry and the Land Board; and a litigation liability from OEA that may affect the Land Board and common school fund.
Jul 1, 1982 Federal Express Survey; Paul Newman and the campaign committee; Hank Crawford and Bob Dernedde
Jul 6, 1982 Grants Pass Adolescent Treatment Center; the Department of Education on the Mental Health Division; the Department of Justice antitrust action; effective demolition of Hood River bridge; a chancellor for Higher Education; the Big Muddy Ranch and penitentiary case.
Jul 20, 1982 Jim Medas, White House employee, suggesting that Governor Atiyeh establishes a more public relationship with the President during campaign. Ted Kennedy is hosting events for Ted Kulongoski in either Oregon or Washington DC.
Jul 27, 1982 Special Assistant to Chancellor for Economic Development position; Fort Stevens camping ground; lawsuit to deprive rights of plaintiffs; the Bureau of Justice Statistics interim funding; and the long-standing policy in response to cannery strike.
Jul 27, 1982 Special Assistant to Chancellor for Economic Development position; Fort Stevens camping ground; lawsuit to deprive rights of plaintiffs; the Bureau of Justice Statistics interim funding; and the long-standing policy in response to cannery strike.
Aug 2, 1982 Paul Newman as a consultant moving forward with the campaign plan. Rick Daniels of Roberts, Daniels, Falls & Associates of Seattle will also be relied upon to work with Paul's schedule.
Sep 1, 1982 Water flow leakage calculation on Trojan grounds; NRC; and the Department of Energy
Sep 13, 1982 Roseburg Lumber workforce; SAIF legal action; appeal at the Attorney General's office; John Stevens' arrangement for Governor at the Coquille mill; and the legality of SAIF fund transfers.
Sep 17, 1982 Willamette Week's article on the Duane Samples Case; meeting that Bob Oliver attended in the fall of 1979; and Duane Samples' wife, Tanya Samples
Sep 22, 1982 Housing Division bond sale; the Pilots Board insurance; a decline in sales regarding telephone services, Pen Industries, and property; the Traffic Safety Conference; DVA; the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) on Vietnam Syndrome program; and a Tax Conference.
Oct 6, 1982 Veterans' Council; the Oregon State Council for Senior Citizens; Industrial Development Revenue Bond; Hyster Yale Materials Handling; Ken Hostika; Roseburg Community Hospital; Commerce Corporation Division; Fire Standards and Accreditation Board; State Library funding; Marine Board gas tax; and a tax credit proposal to the Governor's Commission.
Oct 11, 1982 Port of Coos Bay; Fisheries Management Council; Max B. Chapman, president of the Oregon Association of Realtors (OAR), on the Housing Division to finance low income homebuyers; the SAIF investigation and Jim Galbraith, Insurance Commissioner and the Secretary of State; Ted Kulongoski on the Fred Meyer investment, Oregon Investment Council; James Law and Hewlett Packard.
Oct 13, 1982 Press release to The Observer; the Fire Standards and Accreditation Board; Douglas County Hospital Certificate of Need; the Oregon Serious Crime Survey; the Housing Division and Housing Council; SB 985 contract modifications; and the Board of Forestry lands.
Oct 21, 1982 Ted Kulongoski on the Salem taxi; Les Anderson on the SAIF investigation; the Council of Economic Advisors; Ed Anderson's talk show on Ted Kulongoski; and resolving housing market funds with the Oregon Association of Realtors (OAR).
Oct 27, 1982 Memo on television coverage sponsored by ABC, CBS, and NBC channels for local elections. Tentative confirmation for KOIN-TV Channel 6 "Newsroom 6" interview by Ted Bryant, Stephanie Fowler, and Linda Kramer.
Oct 28, 1982 National Association of Intercollegiate Athletes (NAIA) concern on smoking; letter to board members of SAIF; timber contract bid issue; the Deschutes County labor election; and the Landmark of Quality program.
Nov 30, 1982 Gas tax proposal; Governor's campaign percentage; college and secondary school curriculum concerns; cheese distribution and the Tri-County Food Bank; the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA) to the Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA).
Jan 17, 1983 Memo from Bob Oliver to Gerry Thompson that addressed: Jay Ananda; Financial Department of the Rajneesh organization; and Current Creek in Wasco County.
Feb 2, 1983 Memo from the Federal Emergency Management Agency regarding the uncontrolled reentry of the nuclear core of the soviet satellite Cosmos 1402 to Earth, warnings of the possible dangers to public health.
Feb 28, 1983 Memo from Bob Oliver to John Williams that addresses: the Rajneesh festival; Sheila Silverman; Jay Anonda; public safety issues for the Second World Festival; John C. Williams; and Major Kenneth Lamkin.
Mar 23, 1983 Memo from Bob Oliver that addresses: the city of Rajneeshpuram; social classes, hierarchy, and demeanor of citizens existing within the city of Ashram.
Apr 1, 1983 Memo from Bob Oliver to Marvin Groensweg that addresses another festival being held in Rajneeshpuram in 1983.
Apr 19, 1983 Memo by Gerry Thompson, listing talking points and the various complaints and issues raised against the Governor's leadership.
Apr 21, 1983 Oregon Marketing Conference; Oregon Economic Development Department; Department of Agriculture; Northcon High Technology Trade Show; World Trade Week; World Trade Week; and Industrial Development Research Council.
May 20, 1983 Memo from John Williams to Bob Oliver that addressed: Representatives and Mayor of Rajneeshpuram; and possible withdrawal from Antelope.
May 26, 1983 List of legislative bills preceding Jim Russell's resignation covering topics including: the death penalty, Gov. veto limit, criminal law of mental disease or defect, Class B misdemeanor, SAIF as state agency, Workers Compensation, and liquor tax for DUI Education Task Force
Jun 3, 1983 Memo from Bob Oliver that addressed: Jayananda and Sheela from the Rajneesh community; Rajneesh Foundation and the State Police; and the 1983 festival.
Jun 7, 1983 Memo from Gary Lockwood to Bob Oliver on the Oregon State Police. The discussion addressed the Rajneesh Festival and helicopter availability in case of an emergency.
Jun 18, 1983 Long Term Care Ombudsman budget; the Land Board; the Wage and Hour Commission; the Eccles v. SAIF; OPEU state employee union; Jim Sexson; and the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) cents per hour study.
Jul 5, 1983 An interoffice memo from Bob Oliver to Gerry Thompson on alleged harassment complaints against the Rajneesh community by Henry Richmond of 1000 Friends of Oregon.
Jul 9, 1983 US v Exxon case; Office of Management and Budget; Governors and Attorney Generals of North Dakota, Virginia, Illinois, Arizona; the Common School fund; the SB150 and the RICO fund; Fairview investigation; and the Region X audit team.
Jul 20, 1983 Senator Hatfield and Mike Thorne advising diversification for the Port of Morrow; Port of Morrow people meeting; Wayne Schwandt intervention; the Land Board and the Emergency Board.
Jul 21, 1983 List of references during the Governor's appointment to the Comparable Worth Task Force that includes the Attorney General, the Local Government, General Services, Higher Education, the Executive Department, and Legislation.
Jul 22, 1983 The Department of Energy, Executive Department, and the Economic Development Department in favor of proposed recommendations for the new Temporary Federal Tax Law, approving bond issues, and designating a State Treasurer.
Jul 22, 1983 Memoranda regarding the appointment of a superintendent and the conduct of prisoners at OSCI. Topics that were addressed included: Hoyt Cupp surgical procedures; Penitentiary; Oregon Prison; and J.C. Keeney.
Jul 26, 1983 Leo Hegstrom, Director of the Oregon Department of Human Resources; Workers Compensation, the Public Utility Commission (PUC), the Employment Division; and the Handicap Commission.
Jul 26, 1983 SB 523; L.B. Day and Pat Amedeo; strategic water planning group; and funding for biennial expenses.
Aug 10, 1983 Rumors about Frank Roberts recent activity in an initiative to abolish Governor Atiyeh's veto power.
Aug 10, 1983 Governor George Deukmejian and the Comparable Worth Task Force.
Aug 15, 1983 Oregon State Police and county sheriffs in Prineville; Willamina strike; Pendleton strike; and the Willamina mill.
Aug 16, 1983 Inter-office memo from Betty Maudlin to Bob Oliver on a meeting between Gerry Thompson and a local anti-Rajneesh group to discuss the Rajneesh problem. Gerry Thompson requests that answers are prepared for the list of 31 questions to send to the Governor's potential meeting with the group of residents.
Aug 18, 1983 Oregonian press; Department of Commerce report; the American Guaranty situation; the Housing Division; OBA legislative plans; harassment of division employees; Olin's cancer; and Fred Heard.
Aug 18, 1983 A memo from Gerry Thompson to Bob Olive responding to several of the anti-Rajneesh group's questions and attempts to dispel rumors circulating within the community. After the consideration of comments made during the meeting about potential violations of Oregon state law, it had been determined that an inventory needs to be taken of all agencies involved.
Aug 31, 1983 Interoffice memo from Fred D. Miller to Bob Oliver regarding rumored gates on Wasco County Road. The memo acts as a response to inquires made by a local anti-Rajneesh group about gates, city funds from the Highway Division and traffic signs.
Aug 31, 1983 Interoffice memo from Bob Oliver to Gerry Thompson, the governor's chief of staff on questions presented by an anti-Rajneesh group. Government agencies answer concerns while departments were not yet able to provide correspondence on issues that fall under their jurisdiction, but will report and compile received information.
Sep 26, 1983 Trojan drill on October 5, 1983 provides Governor Atiyeh and his team to take proper emergency notification actions as either being formally notified or directly participating.
Oct 11, 1983 Secretary Watt's replacement; Emergency Board employee assistance program under the DHR; Eastern Oregon State Hospital; Rajneeshpuram; University of Oregon; the racing bill; and LUBA.
Oct 19, 1983 Interoffice memo for the Rajneesh file by Bob Oliver, legal counsel to Governor Atiyeh on a telephone call from Jayananda. Issues included: Rajneesh high school operation; Verne Duncan; threats of kidnapping; lawsuit blocking Rajneeshpuram's incorporation; decline the Rajneesh leader Bhagwan's health; and rumors about drug use.
Oct 24, 1983 Trimet, PUC, and Transportation Department; Guy F. Atkinson Company project in Coos Bay; Federal Fish and Wildlife; Tongue Point Crown Zellerbach project; LUBA; Rajneeshpuram; the Real Estate Commissioner and the Oregon Association of Realtors; Tongue Point; and Intel
Oct 26, 1983 Land Board Members, Assistants, and Ed Zajonc; State Fish and Wildlife assessment; Corps of Engineers; US Fish and Wildlife; Division of State Lands; and the Endangered Specie Act.
Oct 27, 1983 The US Fish and Wildlife announces eagles are to be listed on the endangered specie list. The Corps of Engineers and HUD must address the nesting eagles problem at Tongue Point.
Oct 28, 1983 Candidacy for State Treasurer and the Oregonian press; Dan Evans campaign; and the director of the Department of Revenue.
Oct 31, 1983 Education Block Grant Committee; the Country Camper in Junction City; EDD office in Japan; and the Director of Department of Revenue position.
Nov 2, 1983 National Committee for Unitary Tax Review; Mae Yih and Drew Davis fundraiser; and the Providence Hospital.
Nov 2, 1983 OSU football; the Reagan/Bush regional office; the People's Republic of China; FBI and the Oregon City police; Five Rivers; and the Martin Luther King bill .
Nov 3, 1983 Willamette Valley PCA; the Central Oregon PCA; and Fred VanNatta.
Nov 4, 1983 Reinstituting new LCAC committee board; the Workers Compensation; and a "gold scam"
Nov 14, 1983 A memo from Bob Oliver to Gerry Thompson on Krishna Deva who had expressed concern over state funds being withheld. Issues included: withholding due to the state's legal objections; discontinuing communication with Swami Prartho Subhan; Ma Prem Sangett; and Mayor Krishna Deva.
Nov 21, 1983 Congressman AuCoin and Weaver; Intergovernmental Affairs; and the National Governors' Association.
Nov 22, 1983 Department of Veterans Affairs; Gannett News; Scrips News; and Channel 8
Nov 23, 1983 Lynn Frank, Director of Department of Energy; Trojan Nuclear Plant drilling; and Lieutenant Lon Holbrook
Dec 2, 1983 Suicide at the Oregon State Hospital and a demonstration taking place in front of a manufacturing plant owned by Precision Castparts
Dec 6, 1983 Memo sent from Atiyeh's press secretary, Denny Miles, reminding him that he will be attending a retirement reception for Kasey Christerson.
Jan 4, 1984 RGA meeting at NGA; the separation of RGA from RNC; Governor Orr and Fahrenkopf; and the chairman position for the RGA Policy Committee.
Jan 5, 1984 Glenna Hayden, Governor Atiyeh's secretary; Nike Corp. flying Governor Atiyeh for a cocktail/dinner in San Francisco; and the Premier of China
Jan 7, 1984 Feedback on Governor Atiyeh's Tualatin meeting speech that has an attached statement as an example
Jan 9, 1984 Premier of China in Honolulu, Virginia, Washington DC, San Francisco, and New York and a formal Nike invitation in California
Jan 23, 1984 Memo from Bob Oliver on the powers of the Secretary of State with attached opinions of the Attorney General.
Feb 29, 1984 Interoffice memorandum from "Glenna" regarding Bev Meyers' opinion on Atiyeh's recommendation of Bill Rutherford to replace Clay Meyer's position as State Treasurer.
Mar 14-30, 1984 AFS & VR joint program; Field Services rules; Sauvie Island Industrial heating oil incident; ODOT; "I-5 Killer" book; HB 4170 Mortgage Tax Subsidy Bond act; Harney County; SB 710; Worker's Compensation; Starve Mountain Ranch; Winchester Dam; and the Rajneeshpuram Court of Appeals.
Mar 20, 1984 Emergency Management; a Mobile Oil tanker puncture off of Sauvie Island; Coast Guard and Environmental Emergency on call; and Trojan as a backup option.
Mar 21 - Apr 11, 1984 New Orleans Exposition; Boeing property for the Port of Morrow; Toyo Kogyo (Mazda) car manufacturer in Japan; Lane County regional economic development hearing; Taiwan/Korea trade mission update; and the Corps of Engineers.
Apr 2-4, 1984 Oregon interest and tax rate; the Building Codes Division and the Electrical Board; Rajneeshpuram; Fairview investigation; the Civil Rights Division; the State Health Division on Bull Run water; and the Citizens for a Lead-Free Environment group.
Apr 9, 1984 Banking Division E Board; SAIF - Workers Compensation Insurance for Oregon; post-secondary education statistics; First Farwest retiree group; Corps of Engineers and Union Pacific; Telecommunications RFP; Oregon State Police (OSP); Oregon Air National Guard; Winchester Dam and National Marine Fisheries.
Apr 10, 1984 Land Board negotiations amongst staff and members; T&E Committee agreement with Crown Zellerbach (CZ); acquisition of Tongue Point site including values and fiscal impacts; job creation and preservation with CZ arrangement.
Apr 11, 1984 Business Climate Conference; Tax Administrators Association; Federal excise tax and private club rule; and the National Guard.
Apr 11, 1984 Oregonian newspaper clipping by E. Pascua and a handwritten note by Drauk and Justine Richardson
Apr 11, 1984 Timeline of disaster declaration request to the president and Corps of Engineering; FEMA; Congressman Bob Smith and Senator Robert Packwood; and Lynn Hardy, emergency management
Apr 12, 1984 Request that Opal Creek be made a part of Senator Hatfield's Wilderness Proposal that may cause conflict with the AOI and Opal Creek area.
Apr 13, 1984 City of Springfield and Lane County; the BPA budget and average cost system (ACS); Trask River; Regional Haze Study; National Response Corporation (NRC) and Portland General Electric (PGE); Deschutes Dam; and transportation commission hearing update.
Apr 17, 1984 Memo by Assistant to Governor Atiyeh, Kay Dean Toran, on youth employment programs within the Portland metro area.
May 1, 1984 Chambers of Commerce; Ballot Measure 2; Penk Case at Judge Frye's instruction; Task force reports; Fairview; and DHR.
May 2, 1984 DMV joint testing; Master's case on Rajneeshpuram; HR 100 unisex insurance bill; Portland motor pool vehicles; State Police with PUC; and Atiyeh's AWOL plan.
May 4, 1984 Memo from Richard A. Munn, Director of the Department of Revenue, to Atiyeh with attached information from Tom Everall, Corporate Audit Manager, on the federal base concept and unresolved issues of the unitary tax repeal law.
May 9, 1984 American Express; Washington and Oregon border tax committee; HR 4170; Union Pacific in Harney County on railroad repair; insurance claim settlements leading to employee public records; and Josephine County Sheriff.
May 9, 1984 Dr. Ha and Mr. Kim; Hayden Island property; Division of State Lands; Portland General Electric (PGE); Karen Roach; and Tom Moan. This is one document from a binder containing selected daily reports to the Governor, which was compiled by Gerry Thompson.
Jun 2, 1984 Air quality problems and death penalty petition event at the City of Medford; Senator Hannon; L.B. Day; and Scientific Games, Inc. representatives for lottery activities.
Jun 8, 1984 Memo from Richard A. Munn, Director of the Department of Revenue, to Atiyeh with attached information from Richard Yates, Supervisor of the Research Section, on the revenue impact of the proposed corporate income tax.
Jun 11, 1984 Memo from Richard A. Munn, Director of the Department of Revenue, to Atiyeh regarding the opinion of large Oregon based corporations on the three options of the federal tax proposal.
Jun 18, 1984 A memo from Bob Oliver to Gerry Thompson n the Oregon State Police in reference to the 1984 Rajneesh World Festival. Issues included the Rajneesh intended conduct voter registration in the city of Antelope in preparation for the November 1984 elections.
Jun 28, 1984 Memo from Gerry Thompson to Atiyeh on efforts for coordination of the Unitary Tax Repeal Committee and a list of senators and representatives already contacted that would support Atiyeh's proposal for repeal of unitary taxation.
Jul 2, 1984 1984 memo from the governor's chief of staff, Gerry Thompson, to Atiyeh, summarizing the results of a strategy group meeting about education policy.
Jul 5, 1984 Memo from Gerry Thompson to Atiyeh updating him on the opinions of state legislators' regarding repealing unitary taxation.
Jul 6, 1984 Itinerary for Japan/China trip; Sister-state agreement with Fujian Province; and People's Republic of China (PRC) negotiations in media coverage with Oregon stations: KGW-TV, KOIN-TV, KEZI, KEX.
Jul 6, 1984 Memo from Gerry Thompson to Atiyeh regarding Fujitsu Ltd.'s potential move to Oregon based on the results of the repeal of unitary taxation proposed by the Atiyeh administration.
Jul 9, 1984 Memorandum from Chang M. Sohn, Economist, and Ronald A. Oliveira, Senior Economist, with attached information on the impact of the proposed unitary tax change including information on potential employment gains.
Jul 9, 1984 Memo from John C. Anderson, Director of Economic Development Department, to Atiyeh regarding his opinion on the timing of the proposal for unitary taxation.
Jul 17, 1984 "Republican Governors' Campaign Report for Reagan-Bush" speech request by the Republican National Convention (RNC) held on August 21, 1984. Memo also includes security, staff, housing, and transportation information.
Jul 18, 1984 Memorandum from Gerry Thompson to Atiyeh regarding the potential issues of the Atiyeh administration writing a tax law.
Jul 24, 1984 Memo from Gerry Thompson to Atiyeh updating him on the work of the Unitary Tax Repeal Committee and the next stages to getting the repeal passed into law.
Aug 8, 1984 Memoranda on Atiyeh's proposed reform of the State of Oregon's education system. Includes correspondence between Atiyeh and his executive assistant, Gerry Thompson, who had a integral role in helping to shape the education reform policy.
Aug 14, 1984 Confirmation that Gov. Atiyeh is the floor leader for the Republican National Convention (RNC) along with instructions for his role.
Aug 14, 1984 Private meeting with Robert C. McFarlane, Assistant to the President and head of the National Security Council; CIA debrief session; and McFarlane with foreign affairs.
Aug 27, 1984 A memo prepared by Bob Oliver, Legal Counsel, reporting to Gerry Thompson on August 27, 1984. This memo is in response to Gerry Thompson informing her that the Bomb Committee has been organized with a first meeting set for August 30, 1984.
Aug 28, 1984 Jane Huston; State Police; Revenue and Veterans building; and advised input from Bob Oliver and John William.
Aug 30, 1984 Anti Son of Three Press Conference; Parole Board; Stephen Spielberg movie in Astoria Warner Bros.; Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development (LCDC) community of Tangent proposal; and the timber industry.
Aug 31, 1984 Northwest Natural Gas; East Multnomah County sewer plan; EPA wood smoke contributor to cancer; "Plague of Plastics" publication; Housing and Urban Development (HUD) meeting on Eagle Pitcher; apple maggot and gypsy moth problems.
Sep 7, 1984 Quarantine due to apple maggot and gypsy moth; EPA and EDC in Medford area; Advisory Committee on Historic Preservation; Winchester Dam contract; Equity in the '80's; "Siletz Zoo" at Portland Zoo; LCDC road and Port of Entry; waiver for nursing homes; arrests for murder increase; League of Oregon Cities; Association of Oregon Counties; PERS; Northern Telecom; OSP plane over Rajneeshpuram; Canadian currency; and the Oregon Vets Association.
Sep 7, 1984 Memo from James F. Ross, Director of the Department of Land Conservation and Development, regarding the acknowledged jurisdictions throughout Oregon.
Sep 25, 1984 Private meeting scheduled with Secretary Margaret Heckler and Leo Hegstrom, Director of the Department of Human Resources, that did not take place due to Heckler's visit to OMA headquarters
Sep 27, 1984 Lash burning smoke problems in Eugene; meteorological factors and dry weather concerns in Eugene; Field Burning Summary on the smoke concentration from residential wood heating in Salem, Corvallis, Lebanon, and Sweet Home.
Sep 27, 1984 Taiwanese Procurement Team hosted by the US Wheat Associates, Oregon Wheat Commission, and Agricultural Development Division. A handwritten note also mentions purchase of logs in Medford.
Sep 28, 1984 Trade and Economic Development committee on Ballot Measure 2; Coquille River and St. John's fill water concern; Trojan incidents affecting Multnomah County; gypsy moth quarantine and meeting with all western states.
Oct 1, 1984 Memo from Bob Oliver to Gerry Thompson on an account of a phone call received from John Mathis. The conversation covered updates for a rumor-control network and a need for a representative from the Governor's office to be present at future meetings about the federal government's 'disengagement'.
Oct 11, 1984 Memo from Bob Oliver to Gerry Thompson on a report done by Major Lamkin on the Concerned Citizen's meeting regarding the Rajneesh community. Oliver planned to further discuss matters with local celebrity and activist, Michael Stoops. This item was a part of the papers of Bob Oliver.
Oct 16, 1984 Powder River slide projected damage; Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and Corps of Engineers helping citizens in Richland with blockage; Marijuana patch on BLM land; and the 41st infantry brigade.
Oct 22, 1984 Department of Human Services Department (DHR), the city council, and General Services; a letter to Senator Timms; the Dalles projected to be Rajneesh territory with hearings conducted in the National Guard Army; and conducting thank you to people from the Salvation Army center.
Nov 14, 1984 Institute of Real Estate and Management on empty Vets Home; the Ballot Measure 2 on retirement; Major Lambkin retirement as diversion for Rajneesh events; and the Oregon State Police (OSP) handling Rajneesh situations.
Jan 4, 1985 Interoffice memo from Gerry Thompson sent to Pat Amedeo, Bob Oliver, Jeff Lewis, Kay Toran, Barbara Carey, Denny Miles, and Ede Schmidt requesting a list of major and minor accomplishments for the Atiyeh administration.
Jan 7, 1985 Organized monthly field trips at the local, county, and state level that are to be preceded by itinerary/contracts and full briefing
Jan 30, 1985 Eliminating higher education towards sales tax revenue; Revenue Committee member meetings with Gov. Atiyeh in regard to the bill; and the effects from public education and tech industry on the income tax relief.
Jan 30, 1985 Jim Conroy, superintendent from Klamath County, is expressing concern of a potential school teachers' strike. Issues include salaries, medical benefits, and funding that is linked to the Governor's tax rate freeze.
Feb 8, 1985 Jane Huston's authority over telecommunication systems; late March action for bids and processing committee review; ANC cutting all agency budgets and setting another fund within the E. Board; and agency budget cuts.
Feb 13, 1985 Timeline on the Atiyeh Administration accomplishment and handwritten notes by Governor Atiyeh suggesting to recover the promises made by the administration
Mar 13, 1985 Rumors about Governor Atiyeh challenging Senator Packwood. Such rumors have made Packwood's staff in D.C. and in Portland, including Elaine Franklin, place extra attention on the Governor's office and workers.
Mar 19, 1985 Acknowledgement from different parties on the telecommunications project; PNB and Request for Proposal (RFP) bidding; Martin vs. Oregon Building Authority on the LPC financing system; and Bechtel and Associates.
Apr 1, 1985 $81 million fund transfer to SAIF, Oregon's not-for-profit workers' compensation insurance company
Apr 1, 1985 Gary Wilhelms; Ray Gribling; General Services budget; and the telecommunications budget reported to W&M.
Apr 9, 1985 Paul Aronson's unprofessional response to being reappointed from the Parole Board; repercussions from the pilot project done by Corrections Division; and reappointing Aronson to another state government job (i.e. Department of Commerce)
Jul 30, 1985 National Guard being unsupportive of Paulus' candidacy for Governor; Japanese/U.S. mayors' conference in Portland; judgement by Japanese businessmen on Paulus' inability to relate to the Japanese; and appointing Harry Lonsdale to Resource and Technology Corp.
Aug 21, 1985 Kaiser property being resubmitted to the board; veto of HB angering board members; Washington County Transfer and Recycling Center site location; and reconsideration of site location from Archdiocese, Floating Point Systems, and McGilvra property.
Oct 17, 1985 Memo from Gerry Thompson regarding updates on the progress of the sister state agreement between Taiwan and Oregon
Nov 22, 1985 Protestations from Associated Oregon Veterans on the vets case; K.D. pleading guilty to eavesdropping and wiretapping; issues on women and minorities after Betty Roberts' resignation from the Supreme Court; the Oregon Aquaculture facility; bill on Martin Luther King Day; the China Council and the People's Republic of China (PRC); sales tax campaign; Reagan's speech; and Ed Fadeley intention to run for Governor.
Feb 10, 1986 Notes to call Dick Waker, President of Waker Association, and Hardy Myers, Managing partner of law office in Washington, D.C.; the damaging image of Sunset Corridor; the North Plains site refusal; and the land swap at 209th and TV Highway.
Mar 27, 1986 Urban vs non-urban Attorney General (AG) letter of advice; Bob Montgomery; Bill Nessly; and Eugene's funding situation.
Mar 27, 1986 Two-year umbrella policy initiated by Century Indemnity; Gene Snyder, General Services contractor; Penk case and liability losses (i.e. OSU wrestling case and Title VII cases); a new reform requests to exclude cases related to Title VII and employment discrimination while paying a policy coverage cost.
Apr 7, 1986 Memo from Jeff Lewis sent to Gerry Thompson regarding progress on the compiling of the accomplishments of Atiyeh during his time in office.
May 13, 1986 Agencies that are responsible for contacting Gov. Atiyeh in the case of an emergency. Discussion topics include recent notification failure incidents from Corrections, Emergency Management and Energy agencies. Attached is a handwritten list of the representatives present from each agency.
May 16, 1986 Paulus Campaign regarding Norma and Karen Whitman; RNC and RGA advice on advertisement consulting; and the successful operation for the Goldschmidt Campaign.
May 20, 1986 Incident critique and debriefing report from Lyn Hardy; Addendum from Tom Warden; Public Officials' Conference; Civil Air Patrol (C.A.P.) and Aeronautics Division; Oregon State Police and EMD efforts; "COA" coding for coastal counties; press being removed from E.O.C.; and the Legislative Leadership.
May 23, 1986 Tom Worden, Communications Officer for the Emergency Management and Denny Miles during the tsunami incident
May 30, 1986 Memo from Gerry Thompson to Atiyeh regarding his recommendations for the reaction of the State of Oregon to the possibility of using Hanford, Washington as a nuclear waste site.
Sep 10, 1986 Memo from Atiyeh staff member Bob Oliver regarding an extradition request by State of Florida for the fugitive Michael J. Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald was a transgender man who claimed to have left Florida because of discrimination against his gender status. He was requesting asylum in Oregon.
Oct 10, 1986 Transition Plan for the outgoing and incoming government team in preparation for Gov. Atiyeh's inauguration. Information disclosed in this plan includes: sections on the coordination and government team, tentative timetable, transition package information, official and nonofficial record disposition, official record of administration, Gov. Atiyeh staff, Mrs. Atiyeh, logistics by Jon Yunker, and an incoming transition team budget.
Jan 6, 1987 Final reports for judicial and board and commission appointments during the administration of Governor Atiyeh
Jan 6, 1987 Memo from the Superintendent of the Department of State Police, Emil E. Brandaw, sent to Atiyeh thanking him for his service as governor and for his support and cooperation of the Department of State Police.