Request Art for your Building or Office


Pacific University faculty and staff may request art from the Permanent Collections to display in their buildings and offices:

  1. Browse the art collections and note specific types of art that may be of interest to you. 
    Note that some items are already on display elsewhere, and thus are unavailable. Some items may require framing or special display furniture. Our staff (contact: ) can assist with suggestions that may be appropriate for your space. 
  2. Contact the Art Assistant ( ) to make an appointment. We will confirm the selection, verify that it can be displayed in your chosen location, and coordinate the installation. 
  3. For requests of art to be hung in offices and other semi-private locations: Sign a Placement Agreement, provided by the Art Assistant.
  4. For other questions related to art, please contact the University Archivist:

Policies Related to Art Placement 

  • The University Cultural Collections Committee (UCCC) advises on the selection and placement of art on campus. Representatives of the UCCC and may reserve certain art works for display in specific places or for use in exhibits. It may also place restrictions on displays based on the security, condition or cultural patrimony status of the art.
  • In the case of multiple requests for the same art work, the University Cultural Collections Committee may be consulted.
  • Art must be adequately framed or otherwise securely prepared for display before it can be made available. Because there are limited funds for framing and acquisition of display furniture, some requests for display may not be possible to fulfill unless the requester has additional sources of funding. 
  • Environmental conditions (for example, excessive direct sunlight, humidity or heat) and/or security concerns may prevent displays in some locations.
  • Art hung in offices and other semi-private locations must be signed for by the requester. The requester must agree to abide by the terms of the Placement Agreement.