North Pacific Brickworks


North Pacific Brickworks


Large, sepia-toned image of a clay works with people standing about the yard. Long stacks of clay pipes with various diameters fill the yard, and two kilns are visible in the back of the image. Several men stand about the yard, one in the back of a wagon holding the reins of a two-horse team. Four stand beside wheelbarrows with large sections of pipe on them. Two boys with large, flat-brimmed hats stand on top of on of the piles of pipe, one sitting on the seat of a tricycle. In the foreground of the image, several women sit and kneel in the grass with a number of children. Two of the women kneeling wear dresses with tightly fitted bodices with small puffs on their upper sleeves, and small-brimmed hats with flowers; a baby in a bonnet and dress stands with them. Beside them another woman wears a dark dress with a man's hat and a white apron. A seated woman wears an elaborate tall, brimless hat; she holds a baby in a white dress and bonnet, and a young girl sits near her. Another woman in a plaid dress with a skirt leans with one arm up on a pile of pipes; two young girls and three small boys stand with her.
[Front] [stamped] North Pacific Clay Works, James H. Sewell, proprietor. Hillsboro, Oregon. [Back] [pencil] c. 1891. Located at junction of Evergreen and Sewell Road.

Date Created

circa 1891


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