Brochures etc. 1910s-1967

Marketing material on this page shows how Pacific promoted fundraising, student recruitment and other projects over the decades. The designs and quantity of material changed in character after 1968.

1915 Work-Study Fundraising

1920s Campus Scenes

1927 booster ad for Pacific and Oregon

1938 Congregational College booklet

1945 Post-WWII fundraising booklet

1940s Brochure for Forest Grove residents

1940s Admissions brochure

1940s textbook cover for high school students

1948 Wood products ad featuring Old College Hall

1949 Admissions mailer

1949 Centennial ceremony program

1950 Campus construction fundraising booklet

1952 Open House brochure

1952 Alumni fundraising brochure

1952 Congregational colleges fundraising

1955 Pacific Christmas cards

1955 Fundraising brochure

1958 Fundraising brochure

1950s blank admissions form

1950s Admissions brochure

1962 Fundraising brochure

1963 Admissions brochure

1960s 'Your Congregational College' brochure

1963 Admissions brochure

1963 Alumni Study Tour brochure

1963 Scholarships for future ministers brochure

1960s 'Pacific University Associates' brochure

1964 Brochure celebrating Washburne Hall

1964 Campus Life brochure featuring Washburne Hall

1965 Library Construction fundraising brochure

1965 Alumni fundraising brochure

1960s Scholarship fundraising brochure