Brochures etc. 1968-1980s

Marketing material on this page shows how Pacific promoted fundraising, student recruitment and other projects over the decades. After 1968, the marketing designs began to target more diverse audiences and a wider range of purposes. Note: more marketing material from 1990+ is available in hard copy at the Pacific University Archives. 

1968 Admissions brochure

1968 Alumni fund honor roll

1971 Magazine article promoting Pacific

1970s Adult Student Housing brochure

1974 Admissions swag: folder with maps

1974 Fundraising brochure highlighting diversity

1974 Pacific Christmas card

1970s Admissions brochure

1979 Board of Trustees Mentor Program brochure

1979 'Pacific Basin Studies' brochure

1979 Magazine article promoting Pacific

1979 fundraising brochure

1981 Fundraising brochure

1985 Alumni fundraising brochure

1980s Pacific Speakers Bureau brochure

1988 Pacific Speakers Bureau brochure

1980s Pacific Speakers Bureau brochure

1980s OGSPP clinics brochure

1988 Admissions brochure

1989 Pacific 'Facts' brochure

1989 International Students Admissions brochure