Lee Jade Collection

Dr. Choy’s extensive jade collection began in 1982 with three antique carvings given to him by his Aunt Stella O.H. Lee. Over the years, he collected more than 500 pieces, some of which are on permanent loan to the Honolulu Academy of Arts. In 2011 Pacific University was proud to accept a selection of carvings and jewelry from Dr. Choy’s collection, given in honor of his aunt, who inspired his love of jade artifacts.

There approximately 70 carved objects in the collection, including buttons, hairpins, belt buckles, belt hooks, belt plaques, animal miniatures, scholar's desk & personal items, and pendants. Most were acquired in Honolulu or China, while a few were collected in Korea and other places. 

Plaque with Scholar and Fish Lingzhi Design

Sitting Buddha with Halo

Frog on Leaf

Scholar's Desk Piece, Carved Water Bowl with Stand

Archer's Ring

Carved Flower Button

Carved Oval Flat Flower

Bird Head Belt Hook