May Day Celebration

1918 May Day Queen


May Day was a celebration of the beginning of spring. The tradition at Pacific University began in 1914 and would continue for over 50 years. A student would be crowned "Queen of the May". The event would often include a double-line procession from the Carnegie Library to the west side of Marsh Hall. A luncheon, singing, athletic competitions and other activities would be enjoyed by students and members of the Forest Grove community. A maypole would be erected and young ladies dressed in white would wind ribbon around it. In Greta McIntyre Sheeley's photograph album, she documents the May Day celebrations of 1917 and 1918.

Greta McIntyre Sheeley Dressed Up for May Day

Students in Costume for May Day

May Day Procession

1917 May Day Queen

1917 May Day Court

Students Dressed in Kimonos for May Day

The May Pole

1918 May Day Court