Japanese Homeland Campaign

A Candle in the Wind

Red Army Strikes


After the Allied Forces victory on the island of Okinawa in June, 1945, leaflets were issued for citizens in Japanese homeland. Now alone in their fight against the Allied Forces, Japanese militarists called on the Japanese citizens to defend the homeland. Operation Downfall was to be the final Allied Forces invasion of Japan, however the operation was abandoned after the Japanese finally surrendered in August 1945, officially ending World War II.

In the time between the fall of Okinawa and the Japanese surrender, the Psychological Warfare Branch (PWB) of the Allied Forces in the Southwest Pacific Area issued leaflets intended for the Japanese citizens. The PWB used these leaflets to appeal to the Japanese citizens desire for peace, while pointing out the obsurdity of the Japanese militarists demand for the citizens to carry on the fight. The majority of the leaflets were intended to drive a wedge between the militarists and the Japanese citizens. Other leaflets issued contained warnings of upcoming bombings or highlighted the insurmountable odds stacked against the Japanese.

Japanese Navy, Air Force Powerless

Conditions under Militarist 

Desire for Peace Crushed

Earthquake from Sky