Sororities and Service

Literary Societies and Service Organizations have been a vital piece of Pacific's history and the experiences of past and present students.From the time of the first women's literary society at Pacific, the Philomathean Soceity (Commonly referred to as the Philos), in 1871 to the Boxerettes Sophomore Service group in the early to mid 20th Century, there have been a variety of societies and organizations that have shaped women student's time at Pacific. 

Many of the early literary societies exist today as Greek Chapters. This includes the Philos (Originally the Philomathaen Society, now Phi Lambda Omicron), Theta Nu Alpha, Alpha Kappa Delta, and Delta Chi Delta. Despite these organizations still living, many of the women run service organizations are no long in operation at Pacific; this includes group such as the Boxerettes and the Associated Women Students.

These groups shaped life at Pacific for women, and their contribution will always be prevalent to the fabric of Pacific University.