About this exhibit

This exhibit on Women's History at Pacific University was created by Professor Lisa Szefel's "Research Methods in History" class in spring 2016. The goal of the project was for the students to uncover and publish new research while they gained hands-on experience with archives and archival professional standards. Working with the university's archivist, Eva Guggemos, the students selected from a list of nine themes to cover for the site. They then created descriptive metadata for eight historic documents or images from the Archives for each theme, along with an introductory text for their section of the site. A longer description of their work can be found on the class project site


Founding Women: Adrienne Salzwedel
Co-Education: Lewis Williams
Early Social Life: Cade Wilkins
Women's Housing: Jennifer Enserink
Women's Athletics: Nikki  Lucero-Gilbert
Women of Color: Aaron  Ferguson
More Notable Women: Spencer  Backstrom
Queens and Courts: Ellie  Garnett
Sororities and Service: Tyler Wiprud
Archivist: Eva Guggemos
Professor: Lisa Szefel