Hard time day


Hard time day


Postcard of Hard Time Day at Pacific University. Identified are: Charles Joseph Bushnell, Pacific's president; William Martin Proctor, university Dean; Zenas Austin Olson, Class of 1915; Glenn Robert Jack, Class of 1918; Max Moore Reeher, Class of 1917; Thomas Reuben Roe, Class of 1918; John Vernon Ireland, Class of 1919; Byron Matthew Goodman, Class of 1918; Harold Arthur Reed, Class of 1918; Newton Conger McCoy, Class of 1918; Edwy Olds Dibble, Class of 1916; Thayne Miller Livesay, Class of 1918; Watt Andrew Long, Class of 1918; Joseph Henry McCoy, Class of 1917; Jay Richard Austin, Class of 1916; Allan Edward Harris, Class of 1918; Lester Tallmon Jones, Class of 1918; Edward Vincent Burns, who attended Pacific around 1914; Edward Meakin Livingston, Class of 1917; Raymond Dwight Frost, Class of 1919; Willis Lawrence Cady, Class of 1919; Lura Tamiesie, Class of 1915; Marie L. Wells, Class of 1916, who was the secretary of the 1914 student body; Ada F. Taylor, Class of 1915, who was the vice-president of her senior class body; Ruth Hills Cady, Class of 1916; Rita McCrum, Class of 1915; Marjorie K. Hesseltine, Class of 1918; Ruth Josephine Haines, Class of 1917; Elizabeth Marguerite Briggs, Class of 1916; and Grace Elizabeth Haines, Class of 1919.
[back] Monday - Nov. 23-'16 ''Hard Time Day''; Pres. Bushnell; Dr. Proctor; Zenas Olson; Glenn Jack; Max Reeher; Thas. Roe; John Ireland; Byron Goodman; Harold Reed; Newton McCoy.; Edwy Dibble; Thayne Livesay; Watt Long; Joe McCoy; Jay Austin; Allan Harris; Lester Jones; Edmund Burns; Ed Livingston; Raymond Frost; Willis Cady; Lura Tamiesie; Marie Wells; Ada Taylor; Ruth Cady; Rita McCrum; Marjorie Hesseltine; Ruth Haines; Elizabeth Briggs; Grace Haines; and many others.

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circa 1915


gelatin silver prints; photographic prints; postcards;






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