Graduation portrait of young woman


Graduation portrait of young woman


Sepia-toned portrait of a young woman in a calf-length black dress with a neckerchief held by a large gold slide. The dress is gathered at the waist and has a full, bloused top and long, full sleeves. An armband bearing the initials 'S. M. I.' decorates the young woman's left bicep. Her hair is softly curled and full about her face before being drawn back into an elaborate snood and bow. She wears a mortarboard with a full tassel hanging down off the back edge, and the initials 'S. M. I.' across the band. Museum records do not identify what the initials represent. Neither do they identify the woman specifically, whether she is the 'Vesta' referred to on the back, if she is 'Marguerette Morrissey.'
[back] [pen] Marguerette Morrissey, from Vesta.

Date Created

circa 1900s


photographic postcards






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