Orenco School Photo


Orenco School Photo


Black and white image of a group of approximately 50 school children gathered in front of their school building. The students are arranged on the stairs leading up to the front door; their ages ranged from two students who were only four up to several nineteen-year-olds who were still in school. Their teacher, Gustus Scrofford, stands at the back right of the image. Washington County records list 93 total students at Orenco School #38 for the school year of 1936-1937, though it is unlikely all were in attendance at any one time. At its peak in the 1910s, this school had over 150 students, however by the mid-1930s, when this picture was taken, the Nursery company had been shut down for a number of years and the population in the area was also declining.
[back] [pencil] Please return to Gustus Scrofford. [stamp] Schramel Studio, Hillsboro, Oregon. 25 [cents].

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