Dr. Wilson Bowlby's store, Forest Grove


Dr. Wilson Bowlby's store, Forest Grove


The drugstore of Dr. Wilson Bowlby in Forest Grove around 1886, according to notes on the back of the photograph. The store was on the northwest corner of what is now the intersection of Main Street and Pacific Avenue, where the National Bank building would later be built. The photograph was taken standing in the intersection, facing west towards the Coast Range. This is one of a small number of extant photographs of downtown Forest Grove in the 1880s, before most of the buildings were rebuilt in brick. Dr. Bowlby was a prominent citizen of the town who worked as a doctor and also ran this store. In the early 1880s, he also worked on call as a physician for the Forest Grove Indian School. He appears in this photograph on the left, behind the horse-drawn carriage. The store is a two-story gabled building with a false square front, surrounded by a wooden plank sidewalk. A brick building stands to the right.
[back] [pencil] Dr. Wilson Bowlby (left) outside his Drugstore located across the Campus. Main corner, Forest Grove, Ore, about 1886.

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circa 1886


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