Girls on a boardwalk


Girls on a boardwalk


Sepia-toned image of three small girls, holding hands, standing on a boardwalk beside a fence. They wear short dresses, one of plain dark material, one of dark plaid and the third of plain gingham. All are dirty. One girl has striped stockings. Behind the girls are several buildings, one across the street is a large, gabled three-story building with a second-floor balcony and bearing a sign that reads, 'Hotel.' Two girls wear hats. Behind the girls stands a group of four boys and two men, watching. One boy holds a basket, the younger man stands straight with his thumbs in the sides of his vest and his shoulders back. All are wearing low-crowned, wide-brimmed hats. The large barn they stand in front of has a large plank porch embedded into the ground and a sign that reads 'Feed & Livery.' A gas lamp stands just behind the group. At least four =other buildings are visible in the image, though none as large as the two in the foreground.
[back] [pen] 81 or 82 years ago. [blue pen] Lee & Joyce Marks, Waitsburg. [address redacted]. [black pen] Donor - Verne McKinney - 1967. [pencil] 2nd looking N. from Hillsboro. [pen] Hotel built about 1866. Commercial Hotel, N-W corner of 2nd and Wash., Hillsboro, Oregon. South-East corner Opera House over Feed & Livery.

Date Created

circa 1865


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