John Goodin farmhouse


John Goodin farmhouse


Sepia-toned image of a farmhouse with several people standing in front of it. House is a white, cross-gabled home with three sections in a dog-leg floor plan. Covered porches with gingerbread and carved posts front the two smallest sections. Paned, doubled-hung windows appear in all visible facades, and doors lead out of the front of each section. A woman with white hair pulled severely back wearing a long black dress with a small bustle stands in front of one door on a small porch. A man sits on the step of a covered porch, two shelves with potted plants sit on the porch behind him. A woman in a light-colored gown, also with a bustle, and a dropped waist and S-figure stands in the front yard; Her hair is up in a loose bun, and a chicken is at her feet. A girl in a dark, ankle-length dress and a light-colored artist's tie stands in the yard; she has bangs and a dark hat with a brim. To her left is a man in work clothes, standing with his arms crossed. He has a chin curtain beard and a light-colored hat with a brim worn pushed back on his head.
[Front] John Goodin Farm House. Near Hillsboro [Back] The John Goodin farm house. Photo by P. H. Greer.

Date Created

circa 1890s


albumen prints






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