Fern Hill Farm, circa 1900


Fern Hill Farm, circa 1900


Black and white image of a large, Queen Ann style Victorian home. The two storied house is cross-gabled, with a square turret set in the front corner. A covered porch runs around the visible portions of the house, decorated with a white picket railing. Gingerbread ornamentation decorations the peak of each gable section, and runs around the eaves of the porch. Double-hung, paned windows with shutters decorate all visible facades, and the turret is capped with a tall, pyramidal roof. Two men stand in front of the house, wearing suits and hats, and a small outbuilding is visible just behind the house. The yard is bare mud, with bare saplings planted in a straight row out from the porch stairs. The hillside behind the house is bare to the ridge, where heavy pine forest takes over.
[Front] [stamped on matting] Photo by E. F. Seifert. [Back] [black ink] Built about 1900. [Grey ink] Fern Hill Farm. Southeast of Forest Grove Oregon When it was the property of the Hendricks. It later belonged to [blank space] Miller. Arnold Schneider (Margaret Hering's Dad). Now (1960) property of [blank space] Nelson. This is the Farm that Mooberries moved too [sic] as told in last chapter of Lester Mooberry's Book 'The Gray Nineties'. They lived in the old house when this one was being built. [black ink] Mr. Johnson and his sons Charlie, Elwood, Calvin and Newt built this house. They received $125.00 for their labor. They camped on the place while doing the building. The Mooberry family were renting the farm were the first to live in the house. [pencil] C. W. Hendricks [and] son in picture. Property of Myrtle Mann, Cornelius, Oregon.

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circa 1900s


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