Main Street, Cornelius, Oregon


Main Street, Cornelius, Oregon


Black and white image of a dirt road with buildings on either side of it. On the left side of the image several buildings stand in a row with a raised boardwalk running in front of them. The first is a two-story square building with eaves and cornices. It bears the legend 'Joseph Hotel.' The door on the first floor has a transom window, and double-hung, paned windows line both floors: four visible on the second story and two to the image right of the door and one to the left. Three smaller buildings follow, all with gabled roofs, the first featuring a squared front. Beyond these buildings a number of square-fronted, gabled buildings both single- and two-storied line the rest of the street. On the image right, a large building with wood stacked beside it fills the image. It has a steep, gabled roof with what appear to be individual dormers perched atop it. A ladder ascends the roof and then goes between and up the other side of the two visible dormers, and a large pipe extends up beside both roofs. People line the street on the image left, some sitting on the boardwalk and others standing in the street, all looking towards the front of the photo. Two men in front of the boardwalk are shaking hands; one wears a suit and hat and the other work clothes and possibly a badge. He is also bearded and wears a cap of some sort. One man on the boardwalk has a dog lying next to him, and a small boy in a coat and hat sits alone at the front of the museum. Some wear suits and bowler-style hats; others wear baggy jackets. Some wear dark pants or overalls, and light-colored shirts. A two-horse team pulling a wagon stands in front of the piled wood in the right of the photo, and in the left background behind the people a two-wheeled buggy and a covered wagon are pulled up to the boardwalk, along with several other horse-drawn vehicles. A full-leafy tree obscures the rest of the buildings on the image left.
[Front] Cornelius; J.G. Davidson, Photo., Portland, Oregon. [Back] Cornelius in 1875. Warehouse owned by Col. J.R. Cornelius. Brought in by Lester Mooberry, May, 25-1964 [sic]. St. Joseph Hotel - J. R. Miller proprietor. Drug store run by Dr. Clark Smith. Store owned by T.R. Cornelius. Warehouse. Saloon where horses are tired. Keirns[?] store on far corner. Old timers say the have seen teams standing in line for 3 blocks waiting to unload their wheat at this warehouse. Street south of highway and Railroad tracks in Main part of Cornelius. T. R. Cornelius - black hat - in front of door. Scott Cornelius in doorway. Dr. Smith - tall man near corner of hotel. Alec Couture sitting on platform - first in picture.

Date Created

circa 1875


photographic prints






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