Charles Conklin home


Charles Conklin home


Photograph of a two-story gabled home with family members. A white house sits behind a picket fence and a yard with flowers and bushes. The house is t-shaped, and a sidewalk leads up to the front entrance where a covered porch extends over an entrance. The roof of the porch is a balcony reached by a door out of the second floor of the home. Two double-hung windows rest on either side of a double front door on the first floor, and a woman in a dark dress and white pinafore apron stands in the door, while two women sit in chairs on the porch on either side of the door. Someone holds a baby in a white dress sitting on the sill in one open window, and another person is just visible inside the other first floor window. The house has decorative struts on the eaves, and two chimneys are visible, one in the middle of each section. The oblong section of the house has a porch with an extended roof down its entire length, and two double-hung windows and a door are visible beneath that roof. The porches are raised, with steps leading up to them. Nine people stand in front of the second porch: three small children, with short hair and in skirts, one plaid, a man with a dark jacket and light shirt and hat, two more children, a girl in a dark dress and a young boy in a shirt and pants, two men in dark jackets and hats, and another woman in a dark dress with a white pinafore apron. Leafy vines are draped over the end of the second porch, and a large leafy tree fills the left of the image.
[Front] Home of Chas. Conklin; [Back] There's no Place Like Home. Property of Edna Imbrie Gilley; Residence of Chas. Conklin. Charles Conklin died Nov. 1, 1918 at Portland, Funeral at Scotch Church north of Hillsboro. Glencoe, Oregon

Date Created

circa 1880s-1890s


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