1874-77: Starting Over

Certificate appointing Cyrus as state deputy for the Good Templars, June 1875

After his businesses failed and his first wife left him, Cyrus Walker had to rebuild his life. He moved back to his hometown of Forest Grove for a time and appears to have found work as a teacher. He also threw himself into work for the anti-alcohol temperance movement via participation in two fraternal organizations: the Good Templars and the International Order of Odd Fellows. He rose to be the Good Templar's deputy for the state of Oregon in 1875. 

Around the same time, Cyrus moved briefly to Clackamas County, where he was certified as a teacher, and then to Washington Territory. He appears to have only stayed in each location briefly, perhaps while searching for a permanent position.

Note about a boy dismissed from school for smoking tobacco, Mar 1874

Teaching Certificate from Clackamas County, Nov 1875

Letter from brother-in-law James Karr, regarding James' daughter Mary Olive, Feb 1877

Recipt for Poll Tax in Washington Territory, May 1877

Dues receipt for the Odd Fellows lodge in Forest Grove, Aug 1877