Move to Linn County and Trial

Cyrus' court statement defending Warm Springs Indian Agent William Dougherty, Feb 1895

Cyrus Walker had been working as the superintendent of the Warm Springs Indian School since late 1889, while his wife Mary worked as the school matron. In 1892,  the couple resigned from the Warm Springs Agency. This was probably prompted by the election of President Cleveland, a Democrat, who could be expected to replace federal employees who had been appointed under the previous Republican administration. Cyrus, Mary and their two children moved to Linn County, most likely onto land that Mary received from her parents in 1889. 

During the next three and a half years Cyrus Walker was often involved as a witness in a legal trial of Indian Agent William W. Dougherty for his work at the Warm Springs Reservation. Dougherty was accused of financial misconduct, and Walker spoke in his defense. The legal papers shed light on the administration of the Warm Springs Reservation in the 1880s-90s.


Sworn statement made by Cyrus Walker to Indian Agent J.C. Luckey as a witness in a dispute involving Jason Wheeler at Warm Springs