Congregational Association of Oregon Records

The Congregational Association of Oregon was an organization of church ministers and other delegates from Oregon and bordering areas. They met annually to share reports, promote Christian education, support special projects and address internal disputes. 

This record book covers the activities of the Association between 1857-1869, with some notes about the members and meeting locations between 1848-1886.  Most of the members were Congregational or Presbyterian ministers, many of whom were prominent in early Oregon politics. The records give insight into their concerns over time. Some notable members included: Sidney Harper Marsh, Horace Lyman, George H. Atkinson, Thomas Naylor, Obed Dickinson, Thomas Condon, William Tenney, Henry Spalding, Elkanah Walker, Cushing Eells, Peter Hatch, P. B. Chamberlin, M. B. Starr, D. B. Gray, P. S. Knight, and Chester Terry. 

Constitution & 1857-58 Meeting Minutes

1859 Meeting Minutes

1860 Meeting Minutes

1862 Meeting Minutes

1863 Meeting Minutes

1864  Meeting Minutes

1866 Meeting Minutes

1867  Meeting Minutes

1868 Meeting Minutes

1869  Meeting Minutes

Meetings and Membership Lists 1848-1886