Women's Athletics

1929 Pacific University Letterwoman's Club

Pacific University had offered women the opportunity to participate in athletics since the 1890s. In the early days, their options were limited compared to what was available to men. Early women's basketball games at Pacific, for example, were not allowed to admit men as spectators (see more on the history of women's sports at Pacific ).

By the time Edith Hansen McGill enrolled at Pacific however, a wider variety of sports were available to women. Edith took advantage of these opportunities. She was one of only three women in her class to earn a "two-stripe" letterman jacket for extensive involvement in sports. She played on the women's volleyball, basketball, baseball, soccer and swim teams. In her photograph album she documents the variety of athletics enjoyed by the women at Pacific University in the late 1920s. 

Group of Women Athletes

Edith Hansen McGill in her Letterman Jacket

1928 Women's Baseball Team

Women's Field Hockey Team