William Alonso Clapshaw seems to have particularly enjoyed taking photographs of the homes of his friends and neighbors. In the 1910s, outdoor photography was no longer rare, but high-quality images of your own house and family were still unusual and precious. He often showed the family posing on their porches, wearing their best clothes and proudly showing off their homes. We can imagine Clapshaw giving the prints of these images as gifts. If you recognize the modern locations of any of these houses, please email the archives and we will update the descriptions!

Farm Family with Horses

Farmhouse with Family

Family on Porch

House with Windmill

House, a Couple and their Cat

Hayward Farm

Small House, Cleared Forest

House, Couple, Dog & Horse

House and Hay

House and Yard

House with Man on Porch

House with Side Gable

Family on Porch of Large House

House in Snow